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What does it mean to walk a different path?

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Rooted in Christ. Ready for what's next.

Now more than ever, the world needs people who are willing to walk into hard places, those who will stand firm on biblical principles while striking forward into the world—bringing innovation and integrity into their workplaces, caring for their communities, and inspiring the next generation.

Cairn University will point you in the right direction and prepare you to make a difference.

At Cairn University, you are more than your major. Your education will focus on preparing you—not only as a student and a professional—but as a person of character. Because Christ and His Word are at the center of all we do, you can be confident in the lasting value of a Cairn University education.

What makes Cairn just right for our students?

The Right Mission

We teach uncompromising biblical truth and encourage critical thinking; preparing men and women of character.

The Right Place

We’re located in a quiet, suburban neighborhood that is only a short train ride away from Philadelphia or New York.

The Right Size

We’re large enough to provide rich campus experiences, but small enough that you won’t get lost in the crowd.

The Right Value

We offer competitively priced tuition that doesn’t cut corners on your education.

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Cairn offers a great balance on what we believe to be some of the most important factors when choosing a college and is committed to what matters most.

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